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Patience adams

"Every now and again you meet someone for the first time, and you just know you will be friends! This was no exception when I met Patience during a volleyball coach meeting at Wakefield High School. Since then, she and I have learned a lot about one another through our coaching experiences. Through her interactions with the team and students outside of the gym, it is obvious she wants to see her student/athletes succeed and has an eloquent way of giving feedback and encouragement to her student athletes. She's known to present an awesome, animated, player introduction during our home games too! During this high school year, many teachers have had to go above and beyond their "call of duty," Patience included. I remember a specific day when Patience came to practice without the bubbly smile you often see on her beautiful face. She, like MANY other teachers at the high school had been pulled many different directions and this particular week, Patience wasn't allotted a lunch break due to covering multiple teacher-less classrooms. She couldn't complete tasks required of her normal job title and I could tell she was overworked and exhausted. I know lots of teachers are in this predicament this year, but if you know Patience, she always maintains a positive attitude and sees the best in less-than-ideal situations. Not seeing her smile hurt my heart and knew then she deserved better! Patience truly deserves this nomination for her dedication to the students and athletes of  WHS for going above and beyond! Patience is also one of the kindest people I've met over my lifetime, and I am honored to know her."    -Aurora Davis

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