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I wanted to take a moment to write you an email about an amazing teacher that has surely touched our lives this past year. Mrs. Dawn Pappas was my oldest daughters preschool teacher back in 2013. Then again she was our youngest daughter's preschool teacher when the pandemic hit. She taught at St. John's preschool here in Wake Forest, when everything came to a halt. All teachers were then furloughed and she knew that this was going to be a huge impact for our children to not have the routine of school, nor see their very special teacher. We loved Ms. Dawn as our daughter's preschool teacher but we never realized how much she would become part of our family!

She took initiative and drove to each of our houses, masked, and took precautions to ease our cautious mom minds. She sat down one on one with our wiggly 4 year olds and made sure that they would be ready for kindergarten throughout the pandemic. She brought crafts, printed books, personalized plans for each of them. My daughter was reading, writing and thriving because of Ms. Dawn. Both of our daughters and our dog Molly squealed with delight every time Ms. Dawn would come to the door. She brings grace, joy, calmness and routine with such ease. We would be lost without her.

Now that my youngest is in kindergarten, she has become my middle schooler's tutor to help her in areas she struggles with. She rolls with the punches, molds when necessary and is always there to help when needed. Did I mention she is always so thoughtful and organized?

Ms. Dawn has gone through an emotional and painful family transition during this pandemic and she is working 3 jobs as well as still teaching our children. She continues to show us the meaning of resilience and strength. She is a role model for my girls and myself as well. She is deserving of so much. 


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