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Filler Treatment


Keep your filler safe & beautiful! For your best results, a prior consultation is highly recommended.


Let us know if you: smoke/vape, are immune-suppressed, take blood thinners or have a chronic illness. Your risks are different. Talk with your provider about the best choice.


BEFORE treatment, know these

Top 3 Do’s & Don’ts:




1) Wash your face! Makeup particles & bacteria can cause filler contamination-or even rare long term side effects. Cleanse skin & skip makeup for the cleanest prep.


2)Take Valtrex (if prescribed) to decrease risk of a cold sore breakout. Two tabs (2 grams) 1 hour before treatment; two more tabs 8 to 12 hours later.


3) Eat well and hydrate before you arrive, so you feel your best.



1) ✘ (NEW) Don’t plan to get a COVID vaccine 2 weeks before or after filler. Rarely, facial swelling has occurred in filler patients who got the vaccine. This seems to be temporary. No one knows if there is a “safe” period for receiving filler around the time of a COVID vaccination.


2) ✘ Don’t schedule any dental visits 2 weeks before or after filler. The oral bacteria released can cause filler nodules (lumps) --even weeks or months later.


3) ✘ Don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen for a week before filler; they increase the risk of bruising. And it’s best to stop fish oil & vitamin E too. Skip alcohol the day before treatment.


AFTER treatment, here’s how to

Get Your Best Results:

1) Manage swelling. This peaks in about 2 days and resolves in about a week. Sleep propped up if you can.


2) Monitor bruises. Small ones are normal. If it’s larger than a fingernail, email us a picture AND promptly call us so your provider can check in with you.


3) Remember, some bumpiness can often be felt at first. In

2-4 weeks, your filler will soften & feel more natural. If the bump is visible, firmly massage it daily.


4) Use ice if needed- a wrapped pack for 5 minutes3 times/day. Take Tylenol for soreness.


5) Keep it clean & treat it gently! For the rest of treatment day, don’t apply any makeup. Avoid sleeping on it for 6 hours. Sleep on your back on the first night, if you can. For treatment day & the next day, avoid alcohol, exercise & hot environments. For lip filler, no kissing for 24 hours.




Call immediately if you have:

  • a white or dark blotch

  • severe or worsening pain

  • nasal pain/sudden runny nose

  • one sided eye pain/watering

  • sudden vision change, facial   numbness, confusion

These are signs of a blocked vessel and

need urgent treatment.


Call immediately if you see:

  • a beefy red, hot or angry area

  • any painful eruption or blister

These are signs of infection.

(919) 263-8510

We are here for any concerns you have!


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