Meet  Our Recipients

Belinda Potter

Chanda Braswell

My sister always said  “it could be worse” but when you are in pretty deep it’s hard to imagine worse. My sister has brain cancer and went through chemo and radiation. It’s inoperable and they aren’t sure if it shrunk. My dad got real sick with an infection throughout his body in June. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and was showing progress but the small blood vessels in his lungs started to bleed and he had to be intubated. He was tested for Covid and it came back negative. He was discharged from the hospital 2 days after being in the ICU and came home June 15th and died surrounded by the family on June 16th. It was devastating. Two family members tested positive for Covid and the whole family had to be tested and quarantined. I was negative praise God! I came back home to discover that our sub floor was rotted and growing black mold everywhere. The whole underneath of our house was saturated with moisture, all of the insulation needs to be replaced as well as the duct work. The repairs are quite expensive. My husband had to take a sizable pay cut due to Covid so we are trying our best with what we have. Unfortunately because of the decrease of funds I had to file bankruptcy because I couldn’t keep up with my bills. It’s a lot to take in, I know. There are so many who are struggling and I want to help everyone. My dad always said you shouldn’t pray for money for the wrong reasons. I told Hana that if I won the lottery both of my sisters could retire and focus on their health, we could pay off medical debt and find a cure for my son and daughter and give give give to food banks, shelters and anyone who needs help. I know what I do have that is priceless and that’s my family. Thank you for this blessing and opportunity LunaSol. My love for you is infinite!


It’s been challenging since my husband passed away, working at a new job and managing my son with virtual school.  I never thought I would be a single parent.  My heart certainly goes out to all single parents because it isn’t easy. My husband Shawn and  I married in 2007 and our son Aidan was born in June of 2010.  Everything seemed perfect. At the age of 5 Aidan was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.


 School was always challenging because Aidan struggled with focusing on schoolwork.  He was falling more and more behind with school.  When schools closed due to Covid 19, Shawn and I realized Aidan learned much more at home with us.  Shawn was very proud of the things he was able to teach Aidan.  I was amazed with how he could get through to Aidan.  He taught Aidan how to multiply.  Aidan was able to learn the first 25 presidents of the US.  They had a special connection and Aidan enjoyed having his dad work with him.  We decided then we would homeschool Aidan with hopes of getting him caught up to his grade level.  Shawn’s schedule was much more flexible than mine since he was self-employed.  


We had just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on June 16th.  He passed away unexpectedly on June 21st (Father’s Day).  These past few months have been tough but we are slowly starting to heal.  Aidan and his dad were very close.  The last thing Shawn did on Father’s Day morning was to play a video game with Aidan.  I remember hearing them battle it out in a game of Mortal Kombat.  Shawn passed away soon after in his sleep.  I am very grateful those two had that last moment together.  I am very grateful for the years I was able to spend with Shawn.  


Due to Covid 19, I have not been able to take Aidan to Developmental Therapy or Occupational Therapy.  He was going weekly before March but with so much happening this year, we have not been able to resume his sessions.  Aidan has been experiencing “meltdowns” more frequently which have not been easy to manage.  He unfortunately was the one to find his dad unresponsive.  He called me immediately to help his dad.  I attempted CPR while Aidan watched.  This was a very traumatic experience for both of us.  What I would like most for Aidan right now is to be able to get him a Service dog trained to assist kids with Autism.  He loves dogs and I think it would be beneficial in helping Aidan during this time.  Aidan is 10 years old now.  He is almost as tall as me.  I find it difficult to restrain him at times when he is experiencing a meltdown.  For many reasons, a service dog would be very beneficial for Aidan. ~Chanda