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Morpheus 8 RF Microneedling


Congratulations on investing in your skin with the power of radiofrequency microneedling!

Follow these important guidelines

to enjoy the best results.


BEFORE Morpheus 8:

  • Remember, Morpheus 8 builds collagen! For best results, we recommend Alastin Skin Nectar. Use it am & pm for 2 weeks prior before treatment to maximize your collagen renewal.

  • For 7 days before Morpheus 8: Discontinue retinol, tretinoin, and resurfacing topicals (like glycolic or salicylic acid). Also avoid hair removal & exfoliating treatments/scrubs.

  • We offer ProNox for your comfort and pain relief. This "laughing gas" system puts you in control of your experience. Fast-working & non addictive, ProNox helps with both pain and anxiety exactly when you need it, but wears off in 10 minutes, allowing you to drive home safely.

  • To limit bruising, discontinue NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve/naproxen) or any medication that increases bleeding for 7 days prior to procedure. If you are on blood thinners, consult your prescribing physician about whether and when to stop your prescription(s).

  • If you have any history of cold sores, let us know so we may prescribe Valtrex for you. Take it before and after your procedure, per directions. 

  • Any treatment with neuromodulators and/or fillers should be planned at least 2 weeks before or after Morpheus 8.

  • If you are taking oral isotretinoin (Accutane), wait 6 months after completion before having Morpheus 8.

  • Try to arrive for your appointment without makeup, however, if more convenient you may wash at the spa.

DURING Morpheus 8:


  • Lidocaine numbing gel will be applied to your skin for 45 minutes to an hour.

  • After removing the numbing gel, your skin will be prepped with alcohol.

  • Morpheus 8 treatment usually takes an hour for the full face.

  • The area will be cleansed with sterile water and aftercare products applied.

AFTER Morpheus 8:

  • Skin will look red, like a sunburn.

  • You will have some swelling and may show dots or grid marks. This usually subsides quickly, however you might see it to a degree for up to a week.

  • You may have mild discomfort for 1-2 days, followed by itching and fine peeling while your skin heals. Avoid scratching treated areas.

  • Use a mild face wash. Avoid products with retinol, tretinoin, acids, vitamin C, scrubs, & alcohol. Skin toners.

  • For best results & maximum collagen renewal, we recommend Alastin Nectar twice daily; use other topical care as directed by your provider. Wear sunscreen minimum 30 SPF daily.

  • To prevent infection, for 24 hours afterward: wash your hands before touching your face, refrain from swimming or exercise & do no wear makeup. Makeup is OK after 36 hours.

  • Use a clean towel & pillowcase to help prevent infection. Clean makeup tools before resuming use.

  • No chemical peels, waxing, etc. on treated areas for 2 weeks.

  • Cool air is fine, but avoid ice or cold packs directly on the skin. Skip anti-inflammatory medications for 1 week.

  • Results: will be noticeable beginning at 3 weeks, with full results 3 months post treatment. Follow up as scheduled to see these changes in more detail. Expect gradual, beautiful improvement as your skin renews itself!


We are here for you! Call us at (919) 263-8510 or

email if

you have further questions.


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