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3 Best Med Spa Treatments for Acne Scars

Acne is the most common skin diagnosis. If you are like the 95% of people with any history of acne, you probably have acne scars. Acne scars come in many forms. The skin can become raised or depressed. Depressed acne scars can be ice-pick, boxcar, or rolling scars. Acne can leave long lasting scars that can effect self-esteem, mental health and quality of life. Thankfully there are a number of nonsurgical facial and body med spa treatments that can help the healing process.

Med spa treatments can visibly transform your skin. They can target your skin tone, fill in depressions, and rejuvenate your skin to bring out your healthier self.

Chemical peels are excellent for acne scars. Chemical peels gently remove layers of acne scars and dead skin (which can cause further acne.) These peel treatments help bring out the healthy skin from under the scars. As a result your skin tone and texture become smoother, and you can see a noticeable glow. Laser treatments can also help smooth skin tone of acne scars. These work more to blend larger scars into healthy skin so they are less noticeable.

Some scars end up pulling the skin and creating dimples or depressions, called rolling scars. Injectables such as fillers like collagen, are able to physically fill in depressions caused by acne. Other injectables like botox can relax the skin around large acne scars and improve the skin’s appearance. Injectables are not permanent so will need to be repeated after a period of time.

The 3 best medical spa treatments for acne scars are chemical peels, laser treatments and injectables. Not sure this is for you? Our team at Luna Sol Med Spa in Wake Forest North Carolina are available for free one-on-one consultations. We want to personally get to know you, your skin type, condition, age, aesthetic goals, budget and lifestyle. All these are factors we take into careful consideration when working with you to make a detailed individualized plan to help you reach your beauty goals.

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